Definition of « midweek », what does this word mean? -

Definition of midweek , what does this word mean?

The midweek: definition (travelers sense)

The word " Midweek " or " mid-week " normally refers to the middle of the week. For hotels, the midweek is a period of tourist occupancy during four nights from Monday to Friday , i.e. on weekdays. Thus, the midweek is the opposite of the weekend, from Friday to Sunday.

And’s role in all this?

As Ardennes-natives, we noticed that most of the tourist accommodation in our region suffered from a lack of occupancy during the week. The midweek deserves more attention as it is more affordable. We would like to promote midweek stays via our midweeks’ booking platform:

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Midweeks est la plateforme de réservation dédiée aux séjours en semaine dans les Ardennes. Et particulièrement le « midweek » : du lundi au vendredi.
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