The midweek: definition (travelers sense)

The word ” Midweek ” or ” mid-week ” normally refers to the middle of the week. For hotels, the midweek is a period of tourist occupancy during four nights from Monday to Friday , i.e. on weekdays. Thus, the midweek is the opposite of the weekend, from Friday to Sunday.

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And’s role in all this?

As Ardennes-natives, we noticed that most of the tourist accommodation in our region suffered from a lack of occupancy during the week. The midweek deserves more attention as it is more affordable. You can book weekends on our platform if you want so. But you can compare weekends prices with “midweek prices” (1, 2, 3 or 4 nights from Monday to Friday).

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The Ardennes area is full of charming hideaways throughout three countries: the Belgian Ardennes, the French Ardennes and the Luxembourgish Oesling. It is particularly popular for walks through its majestic forests. offers a selection of nice accommodations (hotels, houses for rent and bed-and-breakfasts) located in the enchanting scenery of the Ardennes and their surroundings.

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